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(Double LED-Light combination/Full HD Camera system)


LEDMEDICS® surgical lights

Made in Germany

  • The latest white LED technology

  • Single, double or triple ceiling mounting

  • Providing up to 160.000 Lux

  • Adjustable colour temperature: 3800K, 4300K, and 4800K

  • Perfect ergonomic shape for the laminar flow (LFI 3,9)

  • Equipped with a user friendly 5” LCD Touch screen interface.

  • Optional Endo light


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Full-HD Camera System


The perfect connection between

Operating Theatre, Doctor’s office and auditorium


  • High resolution pictures with minimal latency through optical fiber transmission.

  • Audio connection with several devices.

  • Simple storing image information in the network.

  • Intuitive operation via easy menu guidance.

  • Manufacturer-independent integration of imaging devices.

  • Easy and fast connection to auditoria and rooms outside the Operating Theatre.

  • Single menu user interface

  • Live conferencing

  • Bi-directional Telestration

  • Full HD Video Recording camera controls

  • Simple integration of new devices

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Transseptal Needle


The transseptal needle is used to puncture the septum in order to quantify valve defects by obtaining pressure curves of the left atrium and left ventricle. The orientation wing provides guidance and enables the correct positioning of the needle.
It runs parallel to the arc of the needle. The user benefits from optimum handling due to the ergonomic handle.

  • In comparison to re-usable products, no change to the radius of curvature

  • Disposable product: in comparison to re-usable Products no risk of cross-contamination of germs 

  • Bend sizes can be determined through the colour coding of the orientation wing

  • Special needle micro section, for easier puncturing

  • Proximally strengthened shaft for better guidance and controlled puncturing of the septum


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    The new Uterine Manipulator,

    adjustable 90° for a gentle surgery

    For laparoscopic total or subtotal hysterectomy.

    • Accurate fit through caps in different sizes and types: Ceramic, PEEK, POM.

    • Adjustable 90° for optimal view

    • Atraumatic closing sponge for an ideal sealing of the vagina, sterile disposable.

    • Rotatable cone for an accurate positioning of the uterus.

    • Adapter available in different sizes.

    • Re-usable.


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    Micro dissection Needle

    Your alternative to the Stryker Colorado-needle!

    Application areas:

    • For electrodes with 2.4 and 4 mm connector

    • With hexagon-anti-twist protection

    • At least 150 resterilization cycles

    • Hair transplantations

    • Cosmetic breast surgery

    • Rhinoplasty

    • Cosmetic eyelid surgery

    • Faceliftings


    • Reusable

    • Heat-resistant tungsten needle guarantees high durability

    • Highest precision through extra thin needle tip

    • Available in different length and models


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    Emergency instruments set to remove
    damaged and broken bone screws



    • Up from diameter 1.5 mm to 7.0 mm screws

    • Fast and safety removal of damaged and broken screws

    • Easy positioning and handling

    • Functional and convenient storage in a specially designed and fully autoclavable container system


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    Universal emergency instruments set for
    intramedullary nail removal

    • Fast and safety extraction of all Intramedular Nails only with one Set

    • Easy positioning and tightening

    • Significant reduction of intraoperative extraction time

    • Functional and convenient storage in a specially designed and fully autoclavable container system


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